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Plick Junel's Plate of Copper Spaghetti

Plick Junel's Plate of Copper Spaghetti

Hiya folks, and welcome to Plick Junel's Plate of Copper Spaghetti. "What exactly is copper spaghetti?" you may be wondering. Well I'm not actually sure myself, I kinda stole it from the band Lard. It sounded cool so, what the fuck?

WHOOPS!!! I said the "F" word. Hey, if you're not mature, get outta here! Even though there's nothing realy bad here, just some naughty language ;-)

So what are you gonna find around here? And who the hell is Plick Junel? Lemme do my best to answer. This site will have some stuff like links to pals on the web, and stuff that's a bit off center. It will also be a place where I will let friends publish their poetry if they don't have a site, or because mine WILL BE more popular (yeah right, I'm a pathetic wanker and nobody's reading anyway).

The mystery of who Plick Junel is is quite simple. Plick is a common and daily visitor to the IRC on #alt.vampyres. If you go there, usually after 10:00 pm you'll find his sorry ass, well rather, my sorry ass.

So for now, enjoy this small, short, ungrapicalized page. Eventually all that will change, and this place will be the best damn Spaghetti joint on the WWW.

Plick Junel

HEY!!! Check this shit out!

Constructive Satire
Plick Junel's page of thoughts and views
***NOT UP YET***

Sin, Sex & Salvation
Links to Plick's friends

Popular Musics and Aftershocks
Music links to kick ass bands

Email me, I don't bite, I (sly smile) swear.
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Created: Sunday, June 09, 1996, 12:36 AM
Last Updated: Sunday, November 17, 1996, 12:20 AM

Plick's page was written by his very good friend Anson. Anson has written some other pages you might want to see, like Anson's Mental Purgatory, The Unofficial Gravity Kills Page, The Official SPL Band Page, The Official Transvestite Glam Rockers Page, and COMING SOON!!! The Official Goths on Parade Band Site.

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